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Our mission is to strengthen the individuality and increase the ability and cultural level of the student, and to achieve a demonstration of competence by the student in effecting positive changes in his or her life and environment.

At Progressive Academy, we believe the focal point of any educational program must be the student. Only by understanding the student and working with that individual can education actually be achieved.

We also believe that, as a school, we are an extension of the family unit and as such must work as a team with the family to achieve success.

We focus on assisting students to discover their goals, take responsibility for their growth and gain the skills needed to guide themselves toward these goals. We believe that by allowing students to be who they are and by assisting them to increase their skills and abilities, they will be able to achieve their potential.

The key components of Progressive Academy’s educational program are observation, study and practice. We guide our students toward being competent, independent learners. This will help them throughout their lives.

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